The Whale and the Bird- Smirnoff Underbelly, Edinburgh

''A nuanced, haunting performance from Hamish Gray as the psychologist...'' Three Weeks

''Hamish Gray is suitably restrained as Peter.''
The Scotsman


Inculpatus- Pentameters Theatre

''Hamish Gray is an understated success as humiliated Errol'' Time Out

''Hamish Gray is excellent as Errol'' Theatreworld

''Errol is played with great wry humour by Hamish Gray. Hamish Gray holds the play together.'' Ham and High.

''Hamish Gray, who plays the cowardly husband, Errol has a commanding presence, and is easily the star of the show.'' Camden New Journal



Nineteen Eighty-Four C Venue, Edinburgh

''Hamish Gray provides an intelligent interpretation of inner party member O'Brien. He gets the closest to opening out the really chilling facet of the play...''
The Stage

Hamish Gray's as O'Brien relationship with Winston is pivotal to the narrative''

Hamish Gray as O'Brien exerts an eerie calm as he closes the net around them...''
Three Weeks

''Powerful, thrilling moments...superbly crafted capturing the claustrophobic and sinister atmosphere...suitably terrifying...''
The Scotsman

''Told with such clarity that you cannot avoid being caught up in the struggle...''
The Guardian

''Stark and compelling...Stealing the show, however, is Hamish Gray as the Brotherhood's O'Brien. His performance during the torture scene, and especially when forcing Winston into Room 101- the room that contains your worst-ever fears- is as captivating as it is disturbing...''
Edinburgh Evening News

''Hamish Gray's chilling O'Brien deserves a particuar mention...'''
Venue Magazine

''Hamish Gray is wonderful as O'Brien...the performance holds your eyes with such force that you simply cannot tear them away...''
Edinburgh Guide


Reunion in Genthin- New End Theatre

''Arresting, on edge performance''
The Financial Times

Mary Rose- Tabard Theatre

''Hamish Gray empowers the difficult role of Harry with great strength and pathos...''
Richmond & Twickenham Times

Edward II- Riverside Studios and Tour

''Exhilarating...performed with hard-edged flair and fluency''
The Independent

''Striking acting...performances fascinating to behold...''
The Times

Who Wants My Wife?-  New End Theatre

''Hamish Gray excels as the husband''
Ham and High

A Walk in the Woods- Tabard Theatre

''...finely paced and sensitive performances''
Time Out

''...sincere resepct for the play comes out in every aspect of the production; from the imaginative set through to the flawless interaction of the two leads.''
What's On

Back to Basics- Tabard Theatre

''Hamish Gray's immensley moving performance in a very unsympathetic part...''
Hounslow Chronicle

Dido- Bird's Nest Theatre

  ''Chilling, extremely moving and emotionally gripping…''
Deptford Times

The Inca of Peruasalem

''A sure sense of comic timing…Hamish Gray is terrific as the Inca…I was so swept up by the intensity of his acting that I found myself genuinely moved'' What’s On