Mary Rose by J.M.Barrie

''This heartfelt revival left me moved and exhilarated. Gray magically realises the overwhelming pathos.'' Nicholas De Jongh The Evening Standard 

''Hamish Gray's production glows with intelligent presicion brought to life in performances of unspeckled integrity...Go.''
Time Out

''This excellent imaginatively staged.''
The Stage

 ''Hamish Gray's excellent production...inventively staged.''
The New Statesman

Independence by Lee Blessing

''Brilliantly astute...striking performances''
Time Out 

''Beautifully staged and acted...refreshingly unsentimental. With this cast and director it knocks spots off any current West End production.''
The Stage

''A riveting ensemble piece based on superb individual performances.''
Time Out

The Fancy Man by Mike Stott

''Hamish Gray's imaginative and pacy production rises above cliche to be at once very funny and immensley moving. Particularly impressive is the way the play moves between knockabout comedy and sombre, bittersweet tragedy..''
Time Out

''I can't even understand how you can operate to such a high standard on such a small budget. But you do, and that's wonderful.;;
Mike Stott

The Master Forger by David Weiner

''Compelling performances, tightly directed and beautifully designed by Hamish Gray''
What's On

''Highly entertaining...Gray directs with a deft touch doing full justice to the inherent humour of the play.''
The Stage

A Well Remembered Voice & The Twelve Pound Look
by J.M. Barrie

''For infinately better work, let me urge anyone who can to rush to the J.M. Barrie double-bill at The Tabard Theatre...sensitively directed by Hamish Gray and authentically haunting.''
Michael Billington, The Guardian